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This header file declares all the functions that will be part of the program.

#ifndef PROJECT_H
	#define PROJECT_H
	#define TRUE -1
	#define FALSE 0

	#include "stdio.h"
	#include "string.h"
	#include "stdlib.h"

	struct RECORD
		char number[17];
		char title[65];
		int	credit;
		int lab;
		struct RECORD* next;
		struct RECORD* previous;
	typedef struct RECORD COURSE;
	typedef int BOOLEAN;

	void Header(void);
	void GetEnter(void);
	void NewDat(void);

	void OpenData(void);
	void AddRec(void);
	void SearchData(void);
	void BrowseData(void);
	void EditRec(COURSE*);
	void DeleteRec(COURSE*);
	void CloseData(void);
	BOOLEAN QuitProgram(void);

	char DisplayMainMenu(void);
	char GetMainMenuChoice(char*);

	void InitializeRec(COURSE*);

	void GetNumber(COURSE*);
	void GetTitle(COURSE*);
	void GetCredit(COURSE*);
	void GetLab(COURSE*);

	void WriteRec(COURSE*);
	void ReadRec(COURSE*);
	void DisplayRec(COURSE*);

	void LinkRec(COURSE*);
	void UnlinkRec(COURSE*);

	extern COURSE array[255];
	extern COURSE* FIRST;
	extern COURSE* LAST;
	extern char filename[255];


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